History of Good Morning

28 Feb, 2017

Usually when we meet each other first time at the start of the day, greets each other by hands-shake, saying “Good morning”, short smile with eyes contacts, etc in a civilized society. Different cultures has different ways of greetings each other when meet first time during the day.

But as every thing has it’s own history, curiosity arises in my mind that what is the history behind saying “Good morning”? Who has introduced this English phrase? What is the really meaning, behind this phrase? While mind was boggling with such questions, searched Google and could find few information that is as below:

Etymologists has agreed that “good-bye” directly derives from the phrase “May God be with ye”. And, through similar routes The Oxford English Dictionary indicates that “Good morning” and “Good night” derive from “May God give you a. good day and b. good night”. (Source-Google) Means, it a wish that have a good and pleasant time ahead.

Still struggle was on to know / find that who has first used this phrase and when? So, the answer is….This phrase originated in Milford, Delaware in 1918. Roberta and Bob Roberts had a rooster named “Sunshine.” Every morning, Sunshine would crow to wake everyone at sunrise. Mr. And Mrs. Roberts would call out “Good morning, Sunshine!” as  a greeting to the beloved rooster. This became the Roberts’ family standard morning greeting to one another and everyone they encountered and continued non-stop even after Sunshine’s tragic passing in 1923 when he was eaten by a red fox.  The Roberts’ daughter, Bobbie, a teacher, said it everyday for 32 years to her second grade students. The Roberts’ son, Bob, Jr. greeted his staff at the Feed & Seed every day for 44 years. Of course since then, the greeting has spread far and wide. (https://www.quora.com/profile/Patti-Charron). An interesting history.

But, current reality is that our modern society is running way from this beautiful way of expressing something good for others. What I have observed that most of the people use this phase with their ‘hidden greed’ and rarely for ‘respect or by heart praying or wishing “May God give you a. good day and b. good night”.