Gram Panchayats and Corporates for Development in India

1 March 2017

In India there are about 2.5 lakh Gram panchayats (GP) and are the key players for the local governance and take care of all the development initiatives. Under the three tier arrangement of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), Gram panchayats are at the base, and headed by Sarpanch as it’s elected head. Constitutional body of Gram Panchayat comprises of Panch or Ward Members elected by all the adult citizens of their respective wards. The Sarpanch, all the Ward Members and Gram Sevak (Panchayat Sachiv), who is appointed by Government to support democratically elected body to perform major functions as:

  1. Implementation of welfare plans
  2. Social justice and development
  3. Upliftment of womene
  4. Economic development,d
  5. Development of infrastructure such as roads, waterways, etc.
  6. Ensuring social justice,
  7. Making arrangement for drinking water,
  8. Improvement in agricultural methods,
  9. Development of improved irrigation methods,
  10. Development of small-scale, cottage and food-processing units,
  11. Eradication of poverty,
  12. Housing for rural people,
  13. Making arrangement for elementary and secondary education facilities for rural children,
  14. Fight illiteracy and encourage adults to learn to read and write,
  15. Improvement in hygiene and sanitation, etc.

Even these functions doesn’t limit the scope of work, GPs can stretched to take up other tasks as well suitable for the welfare and development of the people and region.

However, Government provide enough financial resources for the development but still many GPs are struggling to get the sufficient support not only to have money but how to put available budget in proper use. 

Corporates under their CSR initiatives can proactively support eligible GPs in nurturing their capacities on making holistic, self-reliant and sustainable developmental plans, hand-hold support in making and designing technical plans, projects formation and bringing in dimension of Project Management. 

It is high time to work in association for Corporates with especially backward GPs. One has to take initiative so that left over areas of the country (low in HDI) also became active contributor in the country development.