Vegetables for Nutrition Self-sufficiency

Gangakhed, 25 Feb 2017

Vegetables are essential components of the balance diet, and helps us to maintain nutrients balance in the body. Reliance Foundation under it’s flagship  BIJ (Bharat India Jodo) program, focusses on nutrition self-sufficiency through vegetables, and have developed easy method known as RNG (Reliance Nutrition Garden). 

Usually as first step community is made aware about the significance of vegetables in meeting the required nutrients. Taking it forward, yesterday ‘Vegetable Fair’ was organised by Limbewadi village association in the school campus in collaboration with Zilla Parishad. 

The major focus was on knowldge building, group work,  information sharing about the benefits of eating vegetables in daily diet, etc.

In the program 49 students along with more than 100 villagers had participated. During the day, a group exercise was conducted to sensitize children about money, profit and loss in rural economy. In which, children were divided into different groups and each group was asked to bring different types of vegetables. The major nutrients available in the vegetable that they have brought were narrated, and students sold these vegetables during the fair to the teachers and other participants of the near by villages.

At the end of the program information on nutrition security and how RNG can easily help in meeting the daily needs of the fresh vegetables was elaborately discussed. Seasonality, list of locally grown vegetables, and methods of cultivation were covered. Further, major nutrient deficiency symptoms in the body and by eating which vegetables can be replenish were discussed. Students felt very confident and committed to have RNGs in their backyard and consumption of vegetables in their daily diet.


CRP Development for Food & Nutrition Self-sufficiency

Rudraprayag, 25 Feb 2017

Building capacities of the local community leaders is essential to keep the development wheel moving. Reliance Foundation gives enough space to nurture the local community persons on different aspects of the rural transformation. These carefully identified and selected community persons are developed into ‘Community Resource Persons’ (CRPs) after series of competency programs.

​In order to develop CRPs for food and nutrition self-sufficiency, yesterday a hands on training program was organised at training center. This was in continuation to CRP development for food and nutrition. Dr. Kukshal, a horticulture expert who deeply understand the local context of hilly climatic condition was the trainer. The topics covered were:

  1. Management of old fruit plants.
  2. Care and Management of fruit plants, verities suitable for the area.
  3. Economics of fruit plants.
  4. Poly house Management
  5. Nursery raising practices along with  does and don’t.

In the program, total 25 participants representing 8 VAs (village association) has participated and learned very practical new things. Dr. Kukshal has also provided solutions related to fruit plants and poly house movement, as specific queries by few of the participants.

Regular Health check-up, essential for Good Health

Adoni, 23 Feb 2017

Everyone wishes to be healthy, but in remote villages where neither qualified Doctors nor health infrastructure are available, it’s became challenging to reach out to health care services. Reliance Foundation under it’s flagship program BIJ (bharat india jodo) mandated for holistic, self-reliant, and sustainable development of the marginalized community in the country.

Moving forward, one day general health camp was organised at Manekurthy Village in Adoni Cluster, where RF is working since last 4 years. Dr.Adi Nagesh MD, passionate for serving poor villagers has provided consultations to 83 patients. Some very peculiar cases were diagnosed during the camp, like congenital Anamoly of Genitals (3 years), Direct inguinal Hernia (2 years), white patches on chicks of child (2 years), Extra pulmonary TB symptoms female (45 years). 

Consultation followed by a counselling session organised for the parents of the identified cases, it was facilitated and guided by Dr. Nagesh. 

Arogya Mithra instructed for accompanied follow up of hand hold services to the identified cases such as:

  • Some of them came with rashes & itching on body due to storage of cotton in the houses from long duration. 
  • One of the adolescent girl suffering with white discharge problem (Counselled by Arogya Mithra on Health and Menstrual hygiene – one to one session)
  • Chronic BP and Diabetes clients Counselled for food habits and regular medication and check-ups.

Arogya Mithras (Sanghinis) did the registration, Height, Weight and BP Check-up during the camp. Village Health Committee, which is sub-committee of Village Association took the responsibility of mobilising and organising the Health Campp. Dr. Nagesh appreciated particularly  the services of Arogya Mithras and their performance and assured to provide his service on regular intervals.

Water Budgeting for sustainable development

Karaikudi, 24 Feb 2017

However, water budgeting is an old concept but rarely in practice especially in India, where almost 2/3 land area is rainfed. Reliance Foundation has fine-tuned the concept of water budgeting and made is convenient to be understood and practiced by common man.
Taking forward, first phase of the ToT (Training of Trainers) module that is of three days  was organised at Karaikudi. This module focusses more exclusively on water budgeting. In the ToT, 20 participants from 14 VAs  participated and were trained on understanding soil, water and different types of rocks. Water structures and history of water availability.  How to prepare water budget and make use of water effectively in crisis situations. 

Mr. Kumar from Adoni cluster, internal resource person of RF and Mr. Ramesh a consultant were the resource persons. All the participants felt it very useful training and they will be doing water budgeting in their respective VAs soon.

Once they complete all the three modules successfully, they will be eligible to trained others in their respective regions or group of villages.

BIJ (Bharat India Jodo): turning as Learning ground       

Banswara, 23 Feb 2017

Reliance Foundation under it’s flagship program BIJ, developing models of rural transformation that is holistic, self-reliant and sustainable. To know more, Joint Director and Deputy Director  Animal husbandry , Deputy Director Agriculture, Assistant Director Horticulture along with DDM-NABARD, visited at Umrakha villages, where RF Banswara team is working. The objectives of the visit were: 

1. As per  district collector recommendation  they have share cooprative farming and collectively marketing concept with community and explore the opportunity for same  through formation of common action groups.

2.  Focus on sustainable agricultural practices and value chain marketing.

3.Efforts putting towards develop  model village where other farmers of district come and learn from them.

4 .After success they will  replicate this model in whole district in next coming years.

Now, the exposure visits to know more about the rural development approach and strategy is regular phenomenon almost is cluster. RF is intensively working with 500 villages, 26 clusters in 12 states, across India.

NPFPCL Kamareddy serving it’s Producers

Kamareddy, 23 Feb 2017

Achievers, energetic, optimistic, self-assured, and goal oriented are the appropriate words to describe Nizamabad Progressive Farmers Producer Company Limited (NPFPCL). They have made ₹2 crores turnover during the current FY, and serving the immediate needs of the Producers. This year PC aimed to protect the dignity of the farmers as they were being exploited by the middlemen, local traders during the purchase of their farm produce and selling farm inputs on higher rates. This year PC provided inputs at the village level at the lower rate prevailing in the open market. And offered higher, competitive rate for the produce like Soya bean & Maize. Most importantly PC is able to establish rapport with new parties like Sneha, Suguna poultries, Chalimeda feeds, etc. to provide good market to its producers. Kamareddy District Collector too has appreciated the PC efforts and instructed to all the APMCs & PACS to install electronic weighing machines on war footing basis, PC has shown the best and ethical marketing practice. 
As a result, farmers became able to save their hard earn money of ₹ 5.2 lakhs and could earn net income of ₹ 4.10 lakhs.

Maharashtra Village Transformation Mission

Reliance Foundation is active partner in the transformation journey of 1000 villages, presently low in HDI in Maharashtra. 

In the initiative, Gangakhed team has organised one day workshop on Social Security theme in thr context of *Kutumb Suruksha Abhiyan*. It was guided by The New India Assurance Company Limited Parbhani And Reliance Foundation in collaboration. 

Facilitate the discussion with VA leaders, to insure atleast the head of family to provide hedge against the occurence of unforeseen incidents not only to mitigate the risks but also helps family by providing a financial cushion against adverse financial buredens suffered after the head of the family. Information about the importance for insurance spread in all 19 villages.

 Janta Group personal accidental policy offer compensation in case of death or badly injury to the insured person directly and solely as a result of an accident by external visible and violent means. As a result, VA Godavari Tanda took a lead and subscribe group polycy for family head from all the HH in village and establish a example to other villagers.Due to the workshop, village institutions from 11 villages come forward and subscribe policy and insured 964 farmers.