Quality in Development Sector

March 11, 2017

Quality is not an unknown word, mostly we heard about this in our day to day life. But, today trying to focus on qualitative aspects in Development Sector that what does it mean? How defined and interpreted? And, finally how impacts the organizations?

Quality can be defined as any distinctive attribute, features, characteristics that is possessed by goods, services, and processes. In Development Sector, usually we rarely manufacturer goods, and largely focusses either on processes or services or both. Quoting an real example of the organization where I am currently working that is Reliance Foundation. And, I am associated with rural transformation initiative called BIJ (Bharat India Jodo), the design of this program has quality in design and architecture. As community is at the fulcrum by organising themselves into a collectively governed and managed institute know as Village Association (VA). The process is completely democratized.

After the design, next aspect in quality is control of quality, which is initially being done by our front line professionals and in a planned manner transferred to the community. They control every aspect of the functioning like documentation, planning, budgeting, execution, etc. There are many VAs after 3-4 years of engagement with BIJ that now they are doing every thing at their own with laid down quality standards of services and processes.

In this transformation journey and continually improvement in the quality, BIJ set every year new benchmarks for services to be delivered towards marginalized community, BoDs (Board of Directors) for Producers Companies. It doesn’t stop here, also colleagues work at Main Corporate office sets quality deliverables benchmarks for all the 28 field teams.

All these are impacting organization by recognition among community, other developmental agencies, organisations including State Governments and within Reliance Family.


Author: B K SINGH

Rural Development Professional, at present working for Reliance Foundation to bridge the developmental gaps between Rural Bharat and Urban India. Expert in Project Management, nurturing professionals to serve for holistic, self-reliant, and sustainable development.

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