Be Bold for Change….

Modasa, 8March 2017

At Reliance Foundation treat and respect women colleagues AT PAR with male in all the aspects. Taking this culture deep into the operational villages actively provoke and sensitize the both males and females. On the occasion of International Women Day, all the 26 field teams has celebrated IWD as per their wish. Modasa team of Gujarat organized IWD based on the theme titled as ‘Be bold for change, Beti Bachoo Beti padhaoo’.

Mahila Manch women leaders and representatives of Girimala Producer Company made this event grand success with total 800 participants including 600 women’s from 14 villages. Hiratimba village hoisted the event with warm welcome through words and beautiful dance by girls of Hiratimba  VA. 

Major Highlights of the event:

  • Event marked by lightning  ‘Deep’/ lamp by young college going girls giving message on importance of education.
  • Guests for the event were TDO Meghraj, GLPC and DRDA representatives, Co-ordinators of Aravalli district, Panchayat women representatives and 14 Dai maa (traditional health attendents).
  • Bhawai presented by Manila Lal bhai and team  filled the audience with happiness and enthusiasm topic was importance of women empowerment ..role of women’ customs that hinders empowerment process and what we can azure from our end for our own sisters mothers wife’s and girls.
  • TDO Meghraj and Mr  Ansari gave short speech on why it is essential  to have toilet at home and benefits by proper use. Mr Ansari with his real time examples gained faith and love of audience  by touching grey point linking pride of women’s and toilet units use at home in villages.Ms Tabassum  focused on women empowerment through making of new VO s and strengthen of SHGs. 
  • Champa ben Dai ma from Motibhuwal villages shared that this is first time that they are getting welcomed and also shared her struggles while doing home deliveries in village. Women leaders Radha ben, Asha ben, Madhu ben, Sitaben, Sangita  ben, Bhawna ben and Gita  ben shared their journey of four years that how they feel transformation in themselves through  Mahila Manch and women’s engagement in VA .
  • Sangini ben from six VA also shared their journey of past 3 month working in Saksham project and it’s importance.
  •  Token of appreciation given to all participants by women leaders .
  • Contribution from 14 VA totaling worth ₹ 30,000 in cash and few other in kind were made for the event. 
  • Whole event manages and owned by women leaders with support of Girimala PC Guests and participants in the event praised efforts of VA leaders with RF for this grand success.

Author: B K SINGH

Rural Development Professional, at present working for Reliance Foundation to bridge the developmental gaps between Rural Bharat and Urban India. Expert in Project Management, nurturing professionals to serve for holistic, self-reliant, and sustainable development.

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