Skill and small financial support, transformed livelihood

Deoghar, 4 March 2017

In rural Bharat, there are millions of families who has skills to some extent but in the absence of proper support, guidance and complex Government system compelled to live in marginality. In order, to do simplify all this Reliance Foundation, in the year 2011 conceptualise and initiated a flagship rural transformation program know as BIJ (Bharat India Jodo). Today this program has reached out to 12 States, 32 Districts, 500 villages and >50,000 families. The core working principles are Direct Action, Participatory Approach, and Sustainable Development.

Below is one of the small story of a farmer named Sultan Sekh resides in the village Pahadpur. Under the guidance of Deoghar team villages collectively organized themselves and form a Village association (VA). VA members along with other dimensions of the work focused on nurturing the existing skills of the villagers and their transformation into a meaningful livelihood options.

Sultan Sekh being an active member of Pahadpur VA restarted a poultry unit some 3 years back and left due to loss in business. It has caused due to lack in proper skill and know how and encountered heavy mortality of chicks. 

VA members helped him to re-gain his confidence and re-vival of poultry unit by getting proper training from Abhibyakti Foundation, an organisation providing training on Poultry farming. Deoghar team of Reliance Foundation has helped VA in connection with Abhivyakti Foundation. Sekh was the first person to enrolled his wife for training. After completing the training of one month built new confidence in the family and decided to restart the closed unit of poultry in the village. For this he invested Rs 10,000 in renovation of poultry house as per the dimension and shape suggested in the training. Rs 5,000/ were supported as a loan from VDF (Village Development Fund) to purchase 100 chicks.

Abhibyakti Foundation is providing handhold support to the family in timely vaccination, medicines and regular followup. Looking at the performance of the first two very successful cycles there is a prevalent hope to turn up his poultry business as a great success and will became the replicable model for the other VA members.


Author: B K SINGH

Rural Development Professional, at present working for Reliance Foundation to bridge the developmental gaps between Rural Bharat and Urban India. Expert in Project Management, nurturing professionals to serve for holistic, self-reliant, and sustainable development.

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