Vegetables for Nutrition Self-sufficiency

Gangakhed, 25 Feb 2017

Vegetables are essential components of the balance diet, and helps us to maintain nutrients balance in the body. Reliance Foundation under it’s flagship  BIJ (Bharat India Jodo) program, focusses on nutrition self-sufficiency through vegetables, and have developed easy method known as RNG (Reliance Nutrition Garden). 

Usually as first step community is made aware about the significance of vegetables in meeting the required nutrients. Taking it forward, yesterday ‘Vegetable Fair’ was organised by Limbewadi village association in the school campus in collaboration with Zilla Parishad. 

The major focus was on knowldge building, group work,  information sharing about the benefits of eating vegetables in daily diet, etc.

In the program 49 students along with more than 100 villagers had participated. During the day, a group exercise was conducted to sensitize children about money, profit and loss in rural economy. In which, children were divided into different groups and each group was asked to bring different types of vegetables. The major nutrients available in the vegetable that they have brought were narrated, and students sold these vegetables during the fair to the teachers and other participants of the near by villages.

At the end of the program information on nutrition security and how RNG can easily help in meeting the daily needs of the fresh vegetables was elaborately discussed. Seasonality, list of locally grown vegetables, and methods of cultivation were covered. Further, major nutrient deficiency symptoms in the body and by eating which vegetables can be replenish were discussed. Students felt very confident and committed to have RNGs in their backyard and consumption of vegetables in their daily diet.


Author: B K SINGH

Rural Development Professional, at present working for Reliance Foundation to bridge the developmental gaps between Rural Bharat and Urban India. Expert in Project Management, nurturing professionals to serve for holistic, self-reliant, and sustainable development.

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