Regular Health check-up, essential for Good Health

Adoni, 23 Feb 2017

Everyone wishes to be healthy, but in remote villages where neither qualified Doctors nor health infrastructure are available, it’s became challenging to reach out to health care services. Reliance Foundation under it’s flagship program BIJ (bharat india jodo) mandated for holistic, self-reliant, and sustainable development of the marginalized community in the country.

Moving forward, one day general health camp was organised at Manekurthy Village in Adoni Cluster, where RF is working since last 4 years. Dr.Adi Nagesh MD, passionate for serving poor villagers has provided consultations to 83 patients. Some very peculiar cases were diagnosed during the camp, like congenital Anamoly of Genitals (3 years), Direct inguinal Hernia (2 years), white patches on chicks of child (2 years), Extra pulmonary TB symptoms female (45 years). 

Consultation followed by a counselling session organised for the parents of the identified cases, it was facilitated and guided by Dr. Nagesh. 

Arogya Mithra instructed for accompanied follow up of hand hold services to the identified cases such as:

  • Some of them came with rashes & itching on body due to storage of cotton in the houses from long duration. 
  • One of the adolescent girl suffering with white discharge problem (Counselled by Arogya Mithra on Health and Menstrual hygiene – one to one session)
  • Chronic BP and Diabetes clients Counselled for food habits and regular medication and check-ups.

Arogya Mithras (Sanghinis) did the registration, Height, Weight and BP Check-up during the camp. Village Health Committee, which is sub-committee of Village Association took the responsibility of mobilising and organising the Health Campp. Dr. Nagesh appreciated particularly  the services of Arogya Mithras and their performance and assured to provide his service on regular intervals.


Author: B K SINGH

Rural Development Professional, at present working for Reliance Foundation to bridge the developmental gaps between Rural Bharat and Urban India. Expert in Project Management, nurturing professionals to serve for holistic, self-reliant, and sustainable development.

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