Maharashtra Village Transformation Mission

Reliance Foundation is active partner in the transformation journey of 1000 villages, presently low in HDI in Maharashtra. 

In the initiative, Gangakhed team has organised one day workshop on Social Security theme in thr context of *Kutumb Suruksha Abhiyan*. It was guided by The New India Assurance Company Limited Parbhani And Reliance Foundation in collaboration. 

Facilitate the discussion with VA leaders, to insure atleast the head of family to provide hedge against the occurence of unforeseen incidents not only to mitigate the risks but also helps family by providing a financial cushion against adverse financial buredens suffered after the head of the family. Information about the importance for insurance spread in all 19 villages.

 Janta Group personal accidental policy offer compensation in case of death or badly injury to the insured person directly and solely as a result of an accident by external visible and violent means. As a result, VA Godavari Tanda took a lead and subscribe group polycy for family head from all the HH in village and establish a example to other villagers.Due to the workshop, village institutions from 11 villages come forward and subscribe policy and insured 964 farmers.


Author: B K SINGH

Rural Development Professional, at present working for Reliance Foundation to bridge the developmental gaps between Rural Bharat and Urban India. Expert in Project Management, nurturing professionals to serve for holistic, self-reliant, and sustainable development.

One thought on “Maharashtra Village Transformation Mission”

  1. A very good start to introducing mechanisms of social-security to a population who otherwise remain exposed to probably the highest economic insecurity


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